Spring is here (almost)

“Little darling, it been a long cold lonely winter.”   The last few months we’ve been on a reduced appearance schedule while our band  members were busy travelling and outdoor gigs were impractical.   The good news is that we took some of the time for introspection and managed to record our second video the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest.  Our 2017 entry, Minoring in Latin, didn’t’ win but we’re back with another entry for 2018.   Our new tune, “Captive in a Trance of Stars” started out as an instrumental, but when Jeanine felt  that it recalled her experiences at Django in June, she decided to pen some lyrics to the melody that fit just right, recalling the magical evening jams that sprout up all over the campus.  Not only was this tune our entry in the NPR contest, it was also picked up as the backing track for the 2018 Django in June promotional video.   We’d like to send out a big thank you to Jeff MacMillan, Steve Barrett, and Dave Girard for helping us put this together.

Starting in mid April, our gig schedule will heat up with regular appearances at Claudia’s Steakhouse, our April in Paris show at Villain and Saint, and the beginning of a series of farm market appearances starting with the Mosaic Farm Market  April 15th.   Then in June it’s back to Northampton for another Django in June.  Yes, it’s going to be a swingin’ spring.



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