Light at the end of the tunnel…

It’s been over a year since Djangolaya played it’s last live gig but now that we’re all fully vaccinated, we were able to get together for a rehearsal in person and boy did it feel great! We’ve got some work to do get tight again but that’s part of the fun. We even have one gig lined up in the second half of the year and looking for more more leads. If the numbers keep heading in a good direction, then I expect to be updating our calendar with some in person appearances. Stay tuned…..

One thought on “Light at the end of the tunnel…

  1. This is great, Charlie. Thanks so much for re-introducing us.

    Just as a side note, I drove by the Bethesda Farmer’s Market today and it looked so much fun. Are they doing music these days? Any chance we could get on the schedule at this late date?




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